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Easy Amazon Alexa Setup Mode

Find all the guides on Amazon Alexa Setup as a beginner in a proper way. Before you setup, you must read this Alexa Setup guides, pros and cons and everything you need to know about Alexa Setup.
Your Echo Setup Guide:
Using Echo’s power cable, plug in first. The ring light on your Echo will turn blue and will be spinning to let you know that your Echo’s turned on. This blue light will turn orange in around a minute, to signal the speaker is in setup mode and at the mean time, Alexa will welcome you to the Amazon Echo. Go to step 4 If the orange light doesn’t appear.

  1. You must download the Alexa App from Android or iOS. You may also get access from a browser.
  2. Automatically your setup process will start and you’ll be directed to sign in using your Amazon account email and password.
  3. If the orange light doesn’t appear, or the setup doesn’t start automatically when you first switch on your Amazon Echo, then you need to go to Settings option and select ‘Set up a new device’.
  4. Then choose which device you are trying to set up from the list and don’t forget to select your language.
  5. The next step is to connect the app to your Echo device and then connect your Echo Device to your Wi-Fi network. Click ‘Connect to Wi-Fi’ on the ‘Begin Echo Setup’ screen . On your Echo device, the orange ring should appear now. go to step 11, If the orange light still doesn’t appear.
  6. Few steps right now accordingly close the Alexa app, then go to Settings, and then go to Wi-Fi. You will see a Wi-Fi network with a name that starts If the phone has recognized your Amazon Echo device: Amazon-XXX. This can take up to a minute to appear on the list.
  7. Selecting this Wi-Fi network will connect it directly to the Amazon Echo and drop your phone from your main Wi-Fi network.
  8. You will be directed to connect the Echo to your main Wi-Fi network once connected. When asked, enter your Wi-Fi password and Echo will join your WI-FI network.
  9. Now from this time, any Smart Echo device can communicate with each other on the same network and communicate with the Amazon Alexa app as well.
  10. Press and hold the Action button for five seconds and go back to step 7, If the orange light still not showing.

Amazon Alexa Setup on PC (Windows 10)

It’s almost same process for any computer setting up other Amazon Echo devices, we used the standard but for the purposes of this guide, 2nd generation Amazon Echo.
There are a couple of caveats before you get too excited; the first task is that you need to set it up using your desktop browser.
You’ll probably be supported unless you’re a weird outlier like them who use smaller browser like Opera— Edge will work just fine if your browser’s not.
Setting up through your browser is pretty straightforward:

  • Visit in your browser.
  • Hit log in right now If you’re not already logged in.
  • Then you need to plug in and turn on your Echo Device.
  • You see Echo’s ring light is going to turn orange. As it’s was automatically attached to your Amazon account when you ordered, so the Echo
  • should appear in the Alexa web app.
  • Around 5 seconds, hold down the action button on the Echo.
  • Click on settings In the web app.
  • Choose “set up new device”.
  • Select the type of Echo you have.
  • In the web app, select your Wi-Fi network.
  • Click connect

Your Echo will set up after a few seconds, and you can begin talking to it!
It is a simple-to-use layout what you get inside the Alexa web app, to manage all your key Amazon Echo features. It’s mostly a given you’re also a Prime subscriber if you’re using an Echo, and this shall be your default music service. In the UK, Spotify Premium is also supported, but that’s it.
Now Amazon has Unlimited Music that has a special, lower-cost Echo only subscription which opens up more music just for about $5 a month. Just ask Alexa to start your Music Unlimited trial to enable it.

Alexa Setup App

  • Open the app store on your mobile device.
  • Search for Amazon Alexa app .
  • Select Install.
  • Select Open.

Amazon Alexa Setup Without App

Go to and sign in to connect Alexa to a new Wi-Fi network without the app.
Then go to Settings > Set up a new device and choose your Echo device.
Next, put your Echo device in the pairing mode and connect to your Wi-Fi network. Finally, select your new network and enter your suitable password.

Amazon Alexa Setup Website

Official Website is:

How to Setup Alexa Online on their official website properly?

  • Open the Alexa App .
  • Choose Devices.
  • Choose Echo & Alexa.
  • Select your device.
  • Select Change next to your Wi-Fi Network and then follow the instructions in the app.

Alexa Setup on Computer

You can actually download Alexa itself to your device If you’re using a Windows 10 PC.
You’ll actually be able to talk to the voice assistant once you’ve done so. However, before speaking a command most users will have to click a button (as you do with the app on your phone). It means you’ll be able to talk to Alexa, but first, you may need to press a button.
1. Open the Microsoft store.
2. Search for “Alexa”.
3. Select the first result. “Install.” it. Press “Launch” If it’s already installed.
4. Sign into your Alexa or Amazon account, or create one.
5. Open the app to use Alexa, and click the Alexa icon before you start speaking.
You will notice that a few PCs support hands-free Alexa use, It means you can simply speak “Alexa” if you want to activate Amazon’s voice assistant.
Here is a partial list of the PCs which let you use Alexa hands-free:

  • HP Envy
  • Dell Inspiron 2-in-1
  • Acer Spin 3
  • Acer Spin 5
  • Acer Nitro 5 Spin
  • Acer Aspire 5
  • HP Pavilion Wave

Amazon Alexa Setup Wi-fi

Amazon Echo devices can only be connected with dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz/5 GHz) networks which devices use the 802.11a/b/g/n standard. Your home Wi-Fi will run this standard/these bands but hotspots or peer-to-peer networks won’t, for example:

  • Turn the device off at the plug If you can’t connect your Amazon Echo to your Wi-Fi network, wait 10 seconds, and then repeat the setup process above.
  • You must make sure that you know your network password! haha, kidding but serious. – this is the password will help you access your Wi-Fi network and is typically found somewhere on your router. Remember that this password is not your Amazon account password.
  • You need to check to make sure other Smart devices, such as your smart TV or phone, are connected to the Wi-Fi. This may signal that your Wi-Fi isn’t working rather than your Amazon Echo If they’re not.
  • Reboot the router by turning it off at the plug If your main Wi-Fi network isn’t working. You may need to update the firmware for your modem or router hardware If it’s still not working and the instructions will depend on your modem or router. You may contact your internet service provider for further help.
  • You may save your Wi-Fi password to Amazon previously, but you have recently changed the password, in this case you should re-enter your new password to connect the Amazon Echo to your Wi-Fi network again.
  • Your router may use both WPA+WPA2 for security by default. Switch the router security type to either WPA or WPA2 only to resolve connection issues. Remember that setting to AES only is recommended If the router also has an option to set the type of encryption.

Try to Reduce Wi-Fi Congestion:
If you have multiple Amazon Echo Devices, tablets, phones, smart devices, computers, and TVs on your Wi-Fi network, or you’re streaming apps and content or downloading, you will find sometimes your Wi-Fi struggles to keep up.

  1. To free up bandwidth, turn off the devices you aren’t using.
  2. Move and keep stay your Amazon Echo closer to your router.
  3. Try to keep your Amazon Echo Device away from possible interference, such as baby monitors or microwaves.

Amazon Alexa Setup Not Working

Alexa generally runs really good and smooth, but if you’ve faced into problems this section is for you!
To start, first make sure that your tablet (or phone) is connected to the proper Wi-Fi network in a proper manner.
Finally try restarting your modem or router or your Echo device. If the connection issues continue, You may go through a factory reset and start over from scratch.

Setup on Laptop

This setup is same process of Desktop computer. Check the previous sections.

Setup on Mac

You can’t download Alexa If your machine doesn’t run Windows 10, but you can still use the Amazon Alexa app in your browser.
You can fully control your Echo Devices and Smart-Home Devices, set alarms, set up music and media, adjust device settings, enable skills, and everything else you can do with the app on your phone but you can’t talk to Amazon’s assistant through this app.
1. Visit
2. Sign into your Alexa or Amazon account(any), or create one.

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