Zapable the Best Mobile App Builder But is It Worth Buying?

If you are searching for the Best Mobile App Builder for any business/company, easy DRAG n Drop customization feature, sell access including Apple/Android and boost your business revenue,
then Zapable the Best Mobile App Builder will help you, helping thousands of Online Entrepreneurs and Professional Business Owners.

Why Do You Need a Mobile App Builder?

You can dominate A Virtually Untapped $77 Billion Dollar Marketplace And Create Your Own Professional App Within Minutes. Does it sound heavy!

The Big 2 Reasons why you need a Mobile App Builder-

  • Analytics say almost 88% of Mobile Internet Time Spent In Mobile Apps.
  • Also Mobile apps are projected to hit $1 Trillion in revenue By 2023.
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Analytics Say!
Zapable – The Best Mobile App Builder with No Coding

Once a MobileApp Was A Luxury. But now It Is Essential For A Business To Survive and Sustain as well. Don’t worry please, You Have One of The Most Amazing Opportunities Ever with the Zapable Mobile App Builder.

What Opportunities You Will Have with Zapable App Builder?

The Zapable Mobile App Builder will boost up your earning potentials by creating an efficient communication environment if you already have a small-scale, or large-scale professional business.

  1. Online Coaches
    Need to share their content online and sell access to their membership sites, especially with restricted travel.
  2. Personal Trainers
    Simply share workout schedules, sell digital access to online zoom workout classes and sell supplements and diet guides as well.
  3. Realtors
    Allow people to view your inventory, book appointments and let them know about your health and safety procedures.
  4. Restaurants
    Need to have QR Scanning menu to minimise contact, allow reservations and takeout orders in your Mobile App.
Best Android App Maker without Coding
Best Android App Maker without Coding

But if you don’t have any business but have your new and unique ideas you want come to light, Zapable is your best opportunity.

Why Zapable is the Best Mobile App Builder Now-a-Days?

Well, Introducing NEW Zapable Agency 2021 Edition, The Ultimate Instant Mobile App Builder + Done For Your Agency Pack.

Best Platform to Build Mobile Apps
Best Platform to Build Mobile Apps
Zapable – The Best Mobile App Builder with No Coding
  • Zapable App Builder Software
    12 months Access Included With Access to over 30 Features & New Ones Added Frequently.
  • ‘Drag And Drop’ Functionality
    No technical or previous experience need and beginner friendly.
  • Full Done For You Agency package.
    White Label Client Attraction Videos, Landing pages, Pricing Charts, Cheat Sheets, Support Group & much much mire.

How You Can Build An Amazing Mobile App For Your Clients In 3 Simple Steps?

Step 1 – Choose Your Design and Layout.
Step 2 – Select What Features You Want In Your App (Over 30 to Choose from).
Step 3 – Publish Your Instant Mobile App in Apple & Android Stores Within Seconds (Process is also automated in Zapable).

Meet the Most Amazing & Unique Features You Will Get on Zapable

Zap Digital
Sell Your Own Digital Products Inside Your App

  • Sell Your Own Digital Products Inside Your App – This is the future of how we consume content online
  • Integrates with popular payments services ‘1 click’ such as – JV Zoo, Pay Kick Start, Warrior Plus
  • Accept Payments in App – Accept Paypal & Stripe inside your app
  • Sell Access to your ebooks – Audio files – videos and much more
  • Be in your users pocket – literally! Give yourself a competitive edge over others by allowing them access to your content, 24/7 on demand from their mobile phone / tablet

Zap Membership
Sell access to recurring products inside your own app

  • Protect Your Member Only Content – Link direct to your membership site within your mobile app
  • Simple 1 Click Integration – Link membership site by filling in a simple URL
  • Increase member retention – The closer you are to members, the easier it is to retain them
  • Sell access to recurring products and send push notifications to help retain members even longer
  • Integrates with popular member services like WishList, Member Mouse
  • Deliver new content at lightning speed. Smoother, faster & easier than ever before

Zap ECom
Sell Physical items in App

  • Sell Physical items in App – Want to sell physical items, increased perceived value to your digital brand
  • Send Push Notifications for Instant Sales – Send seasonal offers, weekend offers, Black Friday offer for quick influx of sales
  • Integrates With Tee Spring, Shopify, Volusion, Magnento and many more main stream providers

Push Notification
Send Instant Push Notifications

  • Send Instant Push Notifications – Alert users of new content you have, sell additional products and services
  • Online Coaches – Alert people when your Zoom classes / webinars are
  • Cafe / Restaurant Owners – Alert user of special ‘meal deals’
  • Realtors – Let people have early access about new inventory coming on to the market.
  • Scheduling – Program your push notifications to go out at set dates and times
  • Geo Targeting – Send segmented Notifications to people only in a certain area and radius

Social Media
Add all your social media profiles in one place inside the app

  • Add Facebook – Link to your Facebook profile to keep people up to date
  • Add Instagram – Link to your Instagram profile directly from your app
  • Add LinkedIn – Share people your business services by linking to your profile
  • Add YouTube – Get more YouTube Subscribers, encourage them to subscribe and even embed your video content in App (which still adds to Your Tube view count)
  • Add Tik Tok – Take advantage of one of the new and fastest growing social media platforms on the planet

Online Food Ordering Restaurants, Takeaways & Coffee Shop
QR code menus, health & Safety and track and trace

  • Huge Opportunity – Since the Covid pandemic online food ordering and take away services haven grown by XXXX%!
  • QR Code Menus – No Contact Menus are huge right now. Allows users to scan a simple QR code to access your menu in app
  • Health and Safety notice – Keep Customers feeling confident visiting your premises by sharing your health and safety procedures – even embed a quick video.
  • Push Notifications For Instant Sales – Alert users to lunch times specials, weekend specials or tell them about a new menu
  • Instant Online Food Ordering – Integrate into just Eat, Grub Hub, Deliveroo and many more popular services
  • Multiple Location options – Have multiple outlets? You can have a menu to select which one to go to
  • Track n Trace – Some countries by law require you to collect customers’ details. Now you can in app. Stop having staff write down details on a piece of paper that can easily get lost

Digital Loyalty Cards With QR Scanning
Reward customers for repeat business

  • Digital Loyalty Cards – Reward customers for repeat business ie “ Buy 6 Coffees – Get 1 free” by letting your customer scan a simple QR code
  • Flexibility Functionality – You can set number of purchases needed to unlock a reward. Offer rewards in points, free drinks, meals voucher
  • Full Design Customisation – Create Beautiful, attractive and fully customizable loyalty card designs with drag n drop interface
  • Staff Management Option – Incentive staff to get customers to use their loyalty card. You can check stats and see who their best performing staff member is and give them a bonus

Full Media – Audio and Video
Showcase your products in any industry

  • Showcase Your Products – Share beautiful pictures of your products and services. Very important in catering, eateries and beauty.
  • Beauty Products – Share your latest lip sticks, eye shadow, concealer etc
  • Perfect for Small Hotels – Show your hotels features, rooms, amenities, check in process
  • Automotive Apps – Share your cars and van inventory within your mobile app and allow people to call or email you from that page

Form Builder
Major Autoresponder Integration – Active Campaign, Get Response, Aweber, Mail Chimp and many more

  • Collect Emails In App – Build Your highly Targeted Prospect List
  • Free Lead Generation Courses – Offer Free course about your topic in exchange for emails. Fantastic way to build a hot prospect list
  • Create Beautiful Designs – Create Visually attraction designs with our easy to use editor
  • Major Autoresponder Integration – We integrate with Active Campaign, Get Response, Aweber, Mail Chimp and more – export your leads at any time
  • Build custom forms – This feature allows you to build multiple text fields or as little as you want – you choose what suits your needs

Create Town / City Directories
List all local amenities, services and things to do

  • Create Your Own City / Town Directory – List all local amenities, services and things to do.
  • Sell Premium Listings – Charge an advertising fee to place people businesses at the top of the page known as “premium listing” for maximum exposure
  • Sell as An Affiliate – Negotiate deals with local businesses to earn a % referral on any business you send your way
  • Share Your Location – Users can click “ go now” and head to your premises. Making it easier to them means less friction and a great chance they will complete their visit
  • Embed the Map into the App – This keeps the user within your app instead of sending them to a different website.

Automated Apple And Android Submissions
Making it easy to submit your app

  • Fast track our Apple submission – Using a new XYXYX
  • Full Support and Tutorials – If you ever get stuck or need a hand clarifying everything we have a full support Academy
  • Submit to Android – Using a new XYXYX
Zapable – The Best Mobile App Builder with No Coding

Why Businesses are Screaming And Need A Mobile App For a Mobile App? Meet the 10 Big Reasons.

  1. Loyalty – Having a mobile app and sending notifications directly to their phone puts your brand front and center for them.
  2. Push Notifications – Easy way to communicate your customer whenever you want. Slow day in the business, send a message.
  3. Increase customer engagement – Being able to contact your customers directly means constantly putting offers and valuable content in front of them
  4. Speed – Most apps tend to load faster than websites. The faster you can get information to your customers the better!
  5. Digital products – Customers being able to purchase ‘in app’ is where world is going. Zapable enables you to do this.
  6. Connect all of your social channels – in one place to make sure your social efforts are rewarded.
  7. Instant information to customers – Cut down on telephone calls by hosting an FAQ section on your app.
  8. Food Ordering – Ordering food online is one of the fastest growing services out there.
  9. Digital Cards + Coupons – Increase repeat business with special discount coupons and scan based loyalty cards
  10. Ecom Sell – Physical products in app linking to Shopify, Tee Spring, Woo Commerce and many more

Compare Zapable to Other Mobile App Builders Competitors

Best Platform to Build Mobile Apps
Best Platform to Build Mobile Apps
Zapable – The Best Mobile App Builder with No Coding


Q: How does Zapable compare to our competitors?

All of the major competitors are now charging $300 – $500 per month for comparable services. (That’s $3600 – $6,000 per year) mobile apps are very much in demand . So as you can see with Zapable they are exceptional value.

Q: How long will the unlimited offer last?

Zapable can only guarantee this offer while it is listed on the page. This is a very exclusive offer because they are doing a big launch event. It will expire soon we guarantee it!

Q: How does the 12 Month free access to the builder work and how much am I rebilled?

Once you join Zapable Agency there will be a unique link that allows you to activate a full 12 month subscription for a $4.95 activation fee. It will rebill at $297/year after 12 months – You can cancel any time. Your subscription each year will never change as part of this launch special.

Please bear in mind this is a launch special and the pricing will be $997 > $1997 per year

Q: Is mobile app usage expected to keep growing?

Mobile App Usage was growing rapidly but since Covid struck the world it’s accelerated the time line massively – in fact in the future its predicted to become a 1 TRILLION Dollar Industry – that’s 10X was it was 4 years ago… incredible growth!

Q: Are there any extra costs?

If you wish to submit apps to Apple, you need to pay $99 per year for an Apple Developer account and $25 for life for a Google Developer Account.

Don’t worry though, you can charge this to your client. To build instant mobile apps like the ones shown where you scan the QR code there is no extra charge.

Q: Is there a support website?

Yes, we have a full training academy to help you along the way and we also have a complete guide to show you exactly what to do from the very beginning, right up to selling your first app. You can also contact

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