New Brilliant Smart Home Control Reviewed By Toms Guide & Techhive

Introducing you with the all New Brilliant Smart Home Control Reviewed By Toms Guide & Techhive which is compatible with Ring, Sonos, Hue, Google Nest, Wemo, SmartThings and Apple HomeKit.

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New Brilliant Smart Home Control Reviewed By Toms Guide & Techhive

Price: $449.00
(as of Mar 16,2022 13:27:34 UTC – Details)

Gadget Description

Easy Smart Home Control for Everyone
At home, to control popular smart devices, lighting, cameras, locks, thermostats, intercom, scenes and more by simply replacing a light switch as Brilliant touchscreen panels with built-in Alexa make it easy for everyone.

Smartly Replaces A 2-GANG Light Switch Panel & Requires Neutral & Ground Wires
These 2-Switch Panel of Brilliant Smart Home Control installs in a standard 2-gang electrical box that Includes a 5″ LCD touchscreen, a built-in motion sensor and a built-in camera with privacy shutter.

Smart Lighting
You can easily turn your regular lights into smart lights that supports LED, halogen, CFL, incandescent bulbs, dimmable, multiway. Then you can control Hue, LIFX, and Kasa TP-Link smart bulbs. Using touch, voice, built-in motion detection, scenes or an app, you can easily control lights.

In-Wall SONOS, Ring & Smart Lock Control
Now Brilliant Smart Home Control helps you and everyone at home to browse simply and play music with SONOS speakers. Also you can see who’s at the door with a Ring Video Doorbell, and unlock the door with a compatible smart lock. All you can control without needing a phone.

Eliminate Voice Assistant Clutter from Countertops
Simply enjoy the convenience of built-in clutter-free voice control with audio and visual responses from a touchscreen panel on your wall by simply putting Amazon Alexa in your walls.

Why We Like Brilliant Smart Home Control?

Easy Smart Home Control for Everyone
By making it easy for family, friends, and guests, turn smart home complexity into simplicity to control popular smart home gadgets/products and experience from a touchscreen panel on your wall.

Built-in Amazon Alexa Voice Control
Enjoy the convenience of built-in clutter-free voice control by putting Amazon Alexa in your walls with audio and visual responses from a touchscreen panel on your wall.

One App To Control Your Home
Control your home from anywhere with the Brilliant mobile app for iOS and Android. And eliminate the hassle of using multiple smart home apps. By viewing live video from Brilliant’s built-in camera, always you can even check in your home or pets.

Home Automation & Custom Scenes
Simultaneously, you can control multiple smart home products with voice command, a tap, or schedule. Also when you leave or set the perfect lighting for any occasion, you can create scenes to turn everything off.

Let Everyone DJ Without Needing A Phone
Efficiently control SONOS speakers directly from the wall and browse internet and play music without even needing a phone or app. Brilliant Smart Home Control displays playlists, music, and stations that you add to your own My Sonos account.

Yes! Brilliant is a Smart Home Controller

Simply Answer & Easily Unlock The Door From Any Room
Amazing thing is now everyone at home can see who’s at the door with a Ring Video Doorbell without needing an app or a phone. Just with a tap with a smart lock from Schlage, Yale, August, you can let people in.

Broadcast Announcements or Video Chat
By making an announcement to all Brilliant Controls or share video chats between rooms, you can tell your family for dinner. Simply use the built-in physical privacy shutter or disable the camera at any time you want.

Display Your Favorite Photos Or Artwork
Just by customizing each Brilliant Control to display photos, you can make your home feel more like home. Simply using the Brilliant app, you can upload different photos to each Brilliant Control.


Can the Alexa feature be turned off?

Alexa is only turned on if you log in to your Amazon account to connect the two products and by default, Alexa is not enabled. Via advanced settings, you can even remove the Alexa icon from the display screen.

Does it work with google assistant and nest door bell as well?

Its Alexa Built-In & Compatible with Ring, Sonos, Hue, Google Nest, Wemo, SmartThings, Apple HomeKit but not with Nest Door Bell.

Instead of a mechanical switch replacement, can the switch controls be used to control Philip Hue scenes/lights?

Yes Absolutely, you can assign one of the Brilliant Smart Home Control touch sliders to control your Hue group of lights. All you need is to just make sure to have a neutral, common (line), and ground wire connected to the Brilliant.

No nest doorbell camera support correct?

Yes this is Correct, again Brilliant does not currently integrate with Nest Doorbell.

Will this device work with Arlo?

Brilliant is not currently compatible with Arlo. Brilliant Smart Home Control is always adding to it’s list of integrations.

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