Hotor Car Trash Can – Multipurpose Best Car Trash Can

The Best Car Trash Can you are going to get introduced with. Hotor multipurpose auto car trash can will give you all the necessary storage you need for a trip or a long drive.

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Hotor Car Trash Can – Multipurpose Best Car Trash Can

Price: $24.99 - $12.99
(as of Feb 11,2022 11:34:11 UTC – Details)

Gadget Description:

Collapsible Shae & Adjustable Strap: This Car Trash Can features an adjustable strap that allows it to be attached on both front and back headrest. Also the center console for easier access for all around. Coupled with the collapsible design, you will greatly be benefited from functional convenience of this auto trash bag.

Collapsible & Adjustable: You can place your car trash can on the car seat, on the floor or hang it for the seat back with the drawstring cord. This auto trash can / storage can be placed anywhere with the adjustable strap.

Durable Leakproof Inner Lining: This amazing auto garbage can for car adopt waterproof and leakproof material. It’s very easy to clean and wash. You do not need to worry about food spills or other stubborn stain.

Some Additional Supports from this Car Trash Can

Multipurpose: You may use this car garbage bin as storage bag to keep items such as toys, cups, and other accessories. Additionally, the waterproof advantage also makes it an excellent car cooler of the maximum value for money for sure.

Great Compatibility: It’s an effective solution for the people with the needs of neat and organized car interior. It perfectly fits a variety of types including SUV, sedans, truckers, etc. HOTOR takes every conceivable possibility into account.

Why We Liked This Useful Car Trash Can?

  • Compact Design.
  • Stylish Look.
  • Superior in Waterproof.
  • Sufficient Capacity.
  • Smart Leakproof Design.


What are the difference between 1st & 2nd generation trash can bag?

The 1st generation bag has the velcro flap lid, not the 2nd generation bag. You will notice that the 1st generation bag also has two side pockets that are mesh and one front pocket that is a solid flat fabric. On the other hand the 2nd gen bag has the zip top lid and all 3 side and front pockets are mesh.

Where do these four bendy plastic strips go?

We did not see a place for all 4. We put one underneath each strap on the side. It gives it a little more stability. It also helps to hold its shape and also did take some work to get them in. But there was a notch under both ends of the handle that the plastic piece fit into.

Without the plastic trash bag, does the Hotor car trash can remain waterproof?

You can just wipe it out as It has a liner like a lunch box. Who would not want to pour any liquids into it though!

Special Attention!

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