Unknown Facts on Echo Dot 3rd Generation Review Before Buy

Echo Dot 3rd Gen Review in Brief:

In short, our Echo Dot 3rd Generation Review will let you know the unknown facts of the features, and proper uses. Consider these facts before you buy the 3rd Gen Echo Dot.

The Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation, it is one of the most popular smart speaker on Amazon – and while this Echo has been replaced by new Echo Dot of 2020, it’s still good enough considering, substantially now that prices are likely to drop.

Try not to let the size of this smart home gadget put you off. The 3rd Gen Echo Dot is the best-selling speaker of all time that’s what Amazon claims – a testament and a huge achievement to how relatively useful, and affordable, it is too.

The Echo Dot Best Buy Explorer reviewing here is the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation, basically 3rd version. In 2016, let you know the 1st generation model was launched and including the Echo Dot with Clock (2020), it’s had a number of updates since.

Amazon Echo 3rd Generation Review
Amazon Echo 3rd Generation Review

This may be very useful addition for some gadget lovers, but really won’t be worth the extra price of it or upgrade for others. If you don’t really need the clock then don’t be tempted with the newer model.

That’s the reason why the third-gen Echo Dot sans time display that Best Buy is reviewing here is still now absolutely worth buying and our highly recommended smart home gadgets.

This is the reason why there’s many to love about the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd generation Review.

With a few voice commands, It allows you to control your smart home, it can stream music from a range of the world’s most popular services and also it’s able to make calls anywhere in your country.

Don’t go with it’s size, it’s small but you will notice it packs a punch.

However, this Echo Dot 3rd gen version still lacks a few main/key things which make it a 4.5 out of 5 star product despite a number of upgrades to the Echo Dot over the years.

There is no 3.5mm auxiliary cord most notably.

Though the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen is not the simplest Amazon Echo speaker; without having the ability to play music itself, the Amazon Echo Input, adds Alexa smart capability to a connected speaker.

Echo Dot 3rd Gen Review FAQs:

What is an Echo Dot that someone should have?

An Amazon Echo Dot is like your own personal smart-assistant.

We’re not really at the stage of technology where smart tech can run our homes or physically help us, but it can do everything else such kind of help.

So you can ask any questions to the Dot’s voice assistant, Alexa, to answer general knowledge, questions about the time, traffic, How’s the weather is going to be like and everything else, this type of assistant will help your day run a bit smoother and smarter.

Cordially thanks to smart home techs that are all connecting up, you can use your Echo Dot to control other devices properly as well that you might have in your home not sure.

So let’s say for example, you have a Philips Hue lightbulb, the Echo Dot can control that too. All you need to say “Alexa, turn on the bulb” – and there’s a lot of skills you will find on Alexa app, from listening music to controlling other smart tech to waking you up in the morning.

Even you can now command Alexa to make calls to almost all the phone numbers in the US, Mexico, Canada, and the UK.

Is there any subscription-based monthly fee for an Echo Dot 3rd Generation?

No, there’s no subscription and there’s no monthly fee you need to pay.

You just need to have an Amazon account and buy the Echo Dot.

However, you’ll get some added benefits if you’re an Amazon Prime member, like getting access to Amazon Music through your Echo Dot 3rd Generation.

Will it be wise to buy this Echo Dot?

In our opinion, of course you can buy.

It packs capable tech into a tiny package with a lot of great features. Using this tech makes financial sense for them who are really not sure whether to kit their sweet homes out with smart tech and also for them who don’t want to take much of a gamble.

Does the Echo Dot 3rd Gen require Alexa?

Yes, it requires.

Alexa will make your Dot even more smarter. She(Alexa) will be your smart assistant and the brains behind the hardware.

You ask Alexa to do anything and help you with those things throughout the day, from “Alexa, How is the weather out there?” to “Alexa, switch on the AC please.”

You really don’t need to do any extra thing to get Alexa, because the voice assistant that you get comes built-in to Echo range of smart speakers of Amazon.

Does the Echo Dot 3rd Gen need Wi-fi?

Yes, obviously.

There’s a common thing that you’d be able to use the Echo Dot 3rd Generation as just a Bluetooth speaker without Wi-fi, but to have all the features and to get it all set-up by itself, you must get the Echo Dot connected to the internet.

Wait until you do before purchasing a Dot, If you don’t have Wi-fi right now.

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen Review on Design

In comparison of Amazon’s two previous Echo Dots, the 3rd Generation Amazon Echo Dot is easier on the eyes.

The Dot look less like a hockey puck because of it’s rounded edges , and around the outer edge, the fabric grille feels classy and modern simultaneously.

The fabric mesh design, this helps the 3rd Generation Amazon Echo Dot blend in with the rest of the refreshed Amazon Echo line-up, those products received a fabric-covered makeover absolutely with the last-year’s refresh.

The new Echo Dot comes in colors to match the rest of the range as a result, too, with Heather Grey, Charcoal and Sandstone shades.

You’ll find four familiar buttons on the top of the Echo Dot that consist of volume up and down, microphone mute option for privacy and Alexa, and a four microphone array.

When we activated Alexa either by saying its name “Alexa” or via the button along the top triggers the flashing blue ring of light that you’re usually used to see on other Alexa devices – there appeared to be a short delay in between when we said the wake word and when Alexa started listening though, on one of the units we were sent.

You’ll find the power jack plus an auxiliary 3.5mm jack when you spin the unit around to the back that can be used to connect the Amazon Echo Dot to any speaker with a matching jack.

Amazon Echo Dot setup and Alexa Skills

Our Echo Dot 3rd Generation Review includes the Alexa setup guide and skills as well.

Here it is:

Especially if you have one or more Alexa devices already setup in your house then getting the speaker setup is simple.

All you need to do is head into the Amazon Alexa app If that’s you and tap the plus icon in the Devices section – for you, the app will do a quick scan for nearby devices and you’ll be up and running with your new smart speaker before you know it.

You’ll have to go through the process of downloading the app and signing into your Amazon account If you don’t have the Alexa or an Echo Device already installed, then it’s almost the same process as above.

That said, we’re very pleased with the refresh to the Amazon Alexa app that rolled out in the last few weeks while it was always easy to setup an Amazon Echo device in the past.

The re-work makes this step more easier to group devices together into the rooms, and add additional smart home gadgets to your appliances.

It is a matter of regret that Alexa itself hasn’t gotten the same kind of attention.

That’s because Amazon has outsourced and made by them a lot of functionality and features to app designers and then they created Skills for Alexa.

The best Skills which are the more advanced than previous skills are likely in development right now.

Alexa was and still is a fairly competent smart assistant looking past the spotty Skills library and Alexa is more than up for the job if you just use the speaker for some tasks like getting your news and controlling your smart devices or weather.

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation Review on Performance

The Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation Review on it’s performance is noticeably good in our opinion.

The marquee feature of the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation helps make the Echo Dot sound better than any version prior as it revamped audio system.

In fact, sound better than the 2017 model while there’s very little debate that the latest Echo Dot does, you’d want to listen to a whole album on it’s not quite the device(point to be noted)- bass is nearly non-existent and vocals are easily lost in a cacophony of sound.

So, yes, you’ll still want to connect the Echo Dot to an external speaker when it’s time for some heavy listening while some music does better on the Echo than others (rap is just OK but prog rock is not the Echo Dot’s friend).

As we found during our testing it’s interesting that Amazon is pushing the audio performance aspect of the speaker because it was the call quality and microphones that left us most impressed.

We spoke to them who used the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation claimed that the quality was nearly as good as they expected- experience was above their expectations.

The noise-reduction algorithm Amazon has implemented for phone calls and the quality of the Amazon Echo Dot’s microphone array.

Calling to any person in United State, Canada and some more countries is one of the best features of the Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation Review – and of course alongside smart device control.

The Amazon Echo Dot’s ability to ‘Drop In’ and make on-demand calls to anyone If you’re looking for a device to give to family members who might not call as frequently as they should and anywhere in the country remains a great solution.

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