JASVIC Garlic Press Rocker – Professional Kitchen Gadget with Ergonomic Handle

If you need a Professional Kitchen Gadget, then JASVIC Garlic Press Rocker will be the best decision for you to buy. Know the Pros & Cons…

garlic press rocker
JASVIC Garlic Press Rocker – Professional Kitchen Gadget with Ergonomic Handle

Price: $17.95 - $10.95
(as of Feb 12,2022 11:36:56 UTC – Details)

Gadget Description

Very much stylish black finish with Hammer Nail Surface, you can use as a multifunctional meat tenderizer if needed. JASVIC garlic press rocker is easy to operate with a comfortable grip as it is designed with an ergonomically curved handle

Garlic press rocker is made of high quality food grade 304 stainless steel. The garlic press is anti-rust and also durable to serve its purpose for a long time. You can use the garlic mincer safely without sharp edges.

All you need to do is to put the garlic in the garlic peeler and roll it back and forth. Just in seconds, you can peel the garlic. Place garlic under the garlic crusher and roll them back and forth, then you can crush it very easily into minced garlic. Simply clean it with running water or clean it with your dishwasher as you like.

Crush garlic effortless in seconds and this garlic mincer is ideal for cooking. JASVIC garlic press rocker can be the best garlic press for foodie, chef, or garlic lover. JASVIC’s garlic press rocker is the perfect gift for your family and friends.

The garlic press set contains silicone garlic peeler, stainless steel garlic press, scraper and cleaning brush. This is a perfect kitchen gadget for home and restaurant. One of the best kitchen gadget, saving time and labor.

Why We Like JASVIC Garlic Press Rocker?

  1. Practicality First of all, press down vertically and last of all, a ‘ back and forth rocking’ motion. Cut it in half, If the garlic too big to operate. Nothing is impossible even you are new to kitchen!
  2. Easy To Use The rocker with comfortable grip that enables you to mince garlic with mi-minimal. Also just by a slight back and forth rocking motion. Effortless and time-saving kitchen gadget.
  3. No Waste It will not waste minced garlic using configured scraper and help make cleaning easier as well!
  4. Easy To Clean Provide 2 types of cleaning methods: Rinse clean under water-tap or throw in the dishwasher. And finally, say goodbye to garlic odor fingers!


What is inside the garlic press package?

The package includes a garlic press, scraper, peeler, and cleaning brush.

How to clean the garlic press rocker?

It’s so easy to clean. After using the garlic press Rocker, first you must extract the garlic remains with the little green brush. Once all the holes are empty and there’s no garlic. You can go ahead and wash it with the usual soap detergent.

How to use the green peeler?

All you need is to cut off both ends of a garlic clove and put it inside of the green sleeve. Then just roll back and forth until the skin pops off.

How does the peeler work?

Firstly, place the clove of garlic into the tube and with your fingers and palm, roll it and the skin comes right off. It works best if you slice the ends of each clover of garlic off.

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