The Smart Watch for Men to Buy – suinsist AK26 Smart Watch

Introducing you with the Latest Smart Watch for Men to Buy – the suinsist AK26 smart watch. In a Stylish Smart Watch, as much as features and apps are possible to be installed, it is done! Please check below for the amazing smart features about this watch.

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The Smart Watch for Men to Buy – suinsist AK26 smart watch

Price: $109.99 - $59.99
(as of Mar 13,2022 13:20:41 UTC – Details)

Gadget Description

⌚ High-Quality Smart Watch With CALL
suinsist AK26 Smart Watch for Men
featured the latest High accuracy Bluetooth sensor. It’s compatible with iPhone (IOS 9.0+ and Android 4.4+) and Android phones. Also it is adopted IPS LCD high-definition color screen and the main functions are Bluetooth voice call, Hear rate and sleep monitoring, Message reminder, Fitness Tracker, Music player, etc.

⌚ Activity Tracker – 10 Kinds of Sports Mode
One of the most useful feature is the suinsist AK26 smartwatch supports 10kinds of sports mode. The moods are like outdoor outdoor walk, run, hiking, Indoor walk, Indoor run, stair stepper, outdoor cycle, Stationary bike, Elliptical, rowing machine. This useful feature will let you know your fitness status at any time.

⌚ Message Reminder / App Notifications Push
Once your watch connected with your phone, you will find all the messages and app push such as incoming call, SMS, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Gmail, WhatsApp, snapchat etc.

⌚ Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring
The suinsist AK26 smart watch for men features an improved heart rate sensor which is quite battery efficient. so during your workout, you can measure your heart rate continuously. Health habits, such as sedentary reminders, water drink reminders, step goals, sleep goals, etc, you can set many reminders for them as well. This is the best smart watch for you that will help to reach your health goals and keep disease at bay.

⌚ Better After-sales Service
The shop on Amazon provides the best after-sales service. If there is anything problems, please contact them. They will be sure to reply within 24 hours and provide satisfied solutions as expected.

Why We Like The suinsist AK26 Smart Watch for Men?

  1. Music Control
    You can control Play/Pause/Pre/Next/Volume on watch while playing music when your smart watch is connected to your phone.
  2. Music Player
    The smart watch can be used as an MP3 player and connected to a Bluetooth headset to listen to music directly as it’s 256MB Memory Built-In.
  3. About Sound Quality
    The sound quality of the smart watch cannot be compared with the sound quality of cell phones or other audio systems due to the limitation of size.
  4. IPS HD Resolution Full View Display
    It has clearer and more realistic Full HD Resolution Display with less power consumption.
  5. 2.5D Curved Glass
    With more visual tension, the glass is compared with ordinary 2D glass. This greatly improves the aesthetic appearance of the watch and touching experience. It has more ergonomic, eliminates the hard edges and corners, and also greatly improving the feel of the sliding screen.
  6. AF (Anti-fingerprint) Film
    The smart watch has this feature of making the screen surface scratch-proof, fingerprint-proof and you can clean it easily.
  7. Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring
    The amazing thing is you can start the switch for continuous monitoring in the app or you can turn it on or off on the watch.

More Useful and Amazing Features About This Smart Watch

  1. Heart Rate Alert
    If you set a certain threshold , when the heart rate exceeds this threshold In the state of continuous monitoring, the watch will alert you by vibrating to avoid danger. No worries here you can turn it on or off on watch or from app.
  2. True Smart Activity Tracker
    suinsist AK26 Smart Watch built-in high-precision gravity sensor. By this feature it can identify multiple movement patterns intelligently and track their multifaceted data individually in real time including steps, Distance, Heart Rate and Calories.
  3. Reinforced Waterproof
    It is enhanced IP67 waterproof rating. No worries even you wash your hands many times or sweat a lot after exercising. This type of use will not affect the Smart Watch.
  4. Continuous Upgrade
    The suinsist is continuously listening to consumers’ opinions and suggestions. So that they can upgrade their app from time to time. Here is a thing that “please check regularly for watch upgrades”.
  5. Weather on Your Wrist
    Only by turning on the weather push switch in the app, you can check the weather information on your watch. You see you do not need to grab your phone anymore.
  6. Ultra-long standby Battery Life
    You will find this is A true high-performance and low-power smartwatch that solves the embarrassment of charging every night. With the same battery capacity, suinsist AK26 smart watch adopted ultra low-power Realtek that can be used for a longer period of time. One of the amazing battery life feature is charging 2 hours can achieve you standby 30 days, use 7 days. The Smart Watch has the normal use time is about 7 days. And according to the actual use of different consumers the specific use time will vary. Please know in advance that the frequent use of Bluetooth calls or continuous playback of music will consume power faster.

Other Practical Features of The suinsist AK26 Smart Watch for Men

Everything becomes possible when tradition meets innovation. Hoping to bring you more convenience and happiness, suinsist Smart Watch has added some daily practical functions to the watch!

  • Sedentary Reminder: you may heard about the dangers of sedentary. In this case the Ak26 smart watch will remind you at the interval you set, ”Time to get up and walk”.
  • Remote Control Camera: Usually this function is applicable for taking selfies with multiple friends and family members.
  • Alarm Clock: suinsist Smart Watch’s app supports setting more than 10 alarms and the watch will remind by vibrating. Also it has some common features like stopwatch and timer etc.

Tips for Lasting Any Smart Watch You Buy

  • Always charge the watch before use.
  • And remember to unplug the charging cable when fully charged.
  • Please do not throw the product into fire to avoid explosion.
  • All data of this smart watch is only for reference! It would be wise not to use it for any medical purpose.
  • The Smart Watch for men does not support pair to Wifi or inter via Cellular Networks.
  • This Smart Watch is not compatible with tablet or PC.
  • Remember this the watch has no built-in GPS. So to record sports routes, connect it with your mobile phone.
  • And specially you must not wear this watch when diving, swimming in the sea, bathing or sauna.


How do you load music?(from Amazon)

Look, Music Stored in the Watch: The watch can save the local music. Connect to your computer via a charging cable, then copy some songs to the watch (only support MP3 format now). You can also use the watch as a USB flash disk to store files.”(from Amazon)

How much music can you store on the watch?(from Amazon)

Important thing, The memory of the watch is 256M.(from Amazon)

How to download apps from google play?(from Amazon)

You cannot download apps onto the watch. You need to download the app that controls the watch “HBand” from the Google Play Store.(from Amazon)

What size is the band across?(from Amazon)

Basically, Width: 22mm and 0.866 in.(from Amazon)

Does it come with a charger?(from Amazon)

Yes, the smart watch comes with a charger in the box.(from Amazon)

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