New Speks Geode Magnetic Fidget Sphere Fun Desk Toy for Adults

Introducing You with the Amazing New Speks Geode Magnetic Fidget Sphere Fun Desk Toy for Adults that will help you enhance your focus and also can be worked as decorative element for your desk.

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New Speks Geode Magnetic Fidget Sphere Fun Desk Toy for Adults

Price: $29.95
(as of Mar 14,2022 13:23:46 UTC – Details)

Gadget Description

The Original Magnetic Fidget Sphere
The palm pleasing pentagons which meet powerful rare earth magnets in this delightfully distracting desktop dodecahedron. If you are looking for a deconstructable and reconstructable design object that breaks down so you don’t have to. Very well, then the Speks Geode Magnetic Fidget Sphere is for you!

Stackable, Shakable, Snappable and Buildable
First of all, use magnetic magic so that you can build gravity defying structures then use your hand as a hammer to mess up your masterpiece. Do you have a jumble of pieces? If you have then pile them into your palms and shake vigorously. They will be magically self-aligned every time!

Fun and Enjoyable Desk Toy

Fun & Frustration Free Fidget
Fidget to find your favorite configuration! You’ll always find a connection as the Geode pieces connect on every side. Easy to use, harder to master – it can be assumed that you’ll be playing with these pentagons permanently! Way more fidgeting fun than a fidget spinner, trust the Speks Geode Magnetic Fidget Sphere!

100+ Combinations & Counting
Here you can have a chance to flex your artistic brain and see what structures, towers and spheres you can make with them. You know the guide that’s included inside the pack will get you started with the basics but see if you can unleash your creativity and invent new shapes on your own! You can take your desk from blah to breathtaking with a geometric Geode creation!

Ages 14+
This Geode Magnetic Fidget Sphere should be kept away from all children.

Why We Like Speks Geode Magnetic Fidget Sphere?

  1. Geode Magnetic Fidget Sphere
    Let’s talk about Geode. On-the-desk or on-the-go, Geode is a perfect fidget toy for the adults and youngers. This can work for the adults as,
    1. Fidget Aid
    2. Focus Enhancer
    3. Sensory Object
    4. Desk Decoration
  2. The Magically Self-Aligning Fidget Sphere
    You will find each set of Geode has 60 rare earth magnets inside and 5 per piece. And each of them fully adheres to all safety standards. You can share with anyone 14+. These are totally,
    1. Spectacularly Magnetic and
    2. Buildable
  3. You Will Find
    a. 12 Pieces for Pentagon
    b. 60 Pieces for Rare Earth Magnets
    c. Geometric Perfection
    d. Reversible Pieces
  4. 100+ Combinations and Counting…
    Let’s flex your artistic brain and see what spheres, towers and structures you can make. There is included a guide that will get you started with the basics. But let’s see if you can unleash your creativity and invent new shapes on your own. With a Geometric Geode Creation, take your desk from blah to breathtaking.
  5. The Trick
    Remind that the Geode Pieces can magnetically connect in all direction and the magnets rotate and align to click into place.

How the Geode Magnetic Fidget Sphere Works?

  • Click
  • Stack and
  • Snap
  • the pentagons in your palm for fidgety fun. Or you can be creative. Let’s see what you can make by yourself!


Why can’t a 9 or 10 year old play with this? It wouldn’t be any different even when they are 14.(from Amazon)

Yes but a nine year old would not put the pieces in their mouths they know better.(from Amazon)

Is the lava an orange or red color?(from Amazon)

In between both and transparent.(from Amazon)

Do the magnets ever wear out?(from Amazon)

No.(from Amazon)

Is there a hollow space inside that could hold money?(from Amazon)

There is a space inside when the individual triangles are rolled into a geode shape. Bills that were folded very tightly could be inserted but the speks is very small so the bills would have to be folded into very small pieces.(from Amazon)

Do these fidget sphere come as a set of 6 in a box?(from Amazon)

There are 12 pieces and yes they are in a box. I ended up buying a set for my son and a second set for my husband. As adults they got tired of them quickly. They are tiny and 12 does not build very many things.(from Amazon)

Does it bring instructions on how to form the different patterns?(from Amazon)

Only a couple of pics but not as much as their video. Its for you to create your own patterns . Its more of a fidget toy.(from Amazon)

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