Eye-catching Toilet Night Light with 16 Colors Dimmable Lights

Introducing you with the Eye-catching Toilet Night Light gadget that will make your nature’s call fun and comfort. As a funny gift, you can gift this useful gadget to your friends and family.

toilet night light
Eye-catching Toilet Night Light with 16 Colors Dimmable Lights

Price: $11.99 - $9.99
(as of Mar 10,2022 12:33:16 UTC – Details)

Gadget Description

Motion and Light Sensing
Superior motion detection sensor of this Toilet Night Light detects movements within 5 feet and turns on the light. if no motion detected prolonging battery life, It automatically turns off after 128 seconds. These toilet night lights have dual Sensors which work together. When LED light detects motion and low level ambient, then it will only turns on. Otherwise, to maximize battery life time, the toilet light keeps off.

16 Colors & 170 Degrees Radius
The glow-bowl lights make potty training fun as these glow your toilet bowl. 16 colors of this can work on a rotation or as a solid color by using the control button. Amazing part of this is 170 degrees coverage makes it detect motion a much wider angle most other toilet lights which can reach 120 degrees or lesser.

Brilliant for Kids
Are you having your toilet seat lights up in Rainbow 16 CHANGING COLORS? Boys love the glowing water inside their lighted potty and will never fear of potty training target and the the dark.

Unique Funny Gift
Have you ever seen an unusual GIFT IDEA or more versatile thing like this? Other boring and random stuff presents in the house are ancient history! Whether it’s your dad & mom’s birthday, or a Christmas Santa gift exchange party, this novelty item will brings a smile to everybody’s face.

Useful Bathroom Accessory
This Toilet Night Light as a perfect nightlight glow inside toilet bowl without outlet socket. A new set 3 AA batteries can last up to 12 months with advanced low power tech and the battery consumption depends on the frequency and brightness.

Why We Like This Toilet Night Light?

  1. Shine motion activated toilet light Lights Up Toilet Seats
    Do you quite often visit the bathroom that is plainly decorated at night and also small? To make it fancier and perhaps even more functional, what if you could dress it up? That is why you need to have a light up toilet seat and toilet night lights. As an added bonus, as children will feel comforted by the lights on the toilet, this bathroom gadgets can make potty training easier.
  2. 16 colors-changing motion sensor bowl nightlight and Internal Memory
    The unit of this useful bathroom gadget will store your settings. To give your toilet a unique look during the nighttime hours, 16 colors changing motion sensor bowel nightlight is there for you. Without having to turn on the light in your bathroom, It is to help you locate the toilet. After answering Nature’s call, the feature will make it easier for you to get back to sleep.
  3. Battery Operated
    Overall, Reliable performance and high sensitivity, Infrared technology and accurately the Toilet Night Light detects your movement.
  4. Energy saving and environmentally friendly
    No tools, screws are required to install this amazing toilet gadget.


Is it easy to clean and get splashed on?

We recommend that you do not put it in the toilet

How bright is the light?

This motion activated toilet light is dimmable, 5 brightness. As you want you can choose 5 brightness lever. No worries about it!

Are the light bright enough at night and at light as well?

Yes of course. It gets brighter the closer you get to it

Is it easy to clean and remove?

Very easy to remove clean.

Special Attention!

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