New Wallet Ninja Multi Tool Card – Cool Gadget with Ninja 18 in 1 and more

Introducing a New Wallet Ninja Multi Tool Card that is considered as a must have gadgets in your day to day life. Every single day whatever you are doing or trying to do as a mechanic, handyman, carpenters, beer lovers, hunters, boaters, campers, bikers, hikers, contractors, this cool gadget is going to help you in almost every attempt!

Wallet Ninja Multi tool
New Wallet Ninja Multitool Card – Cool Gadget with Ninja 18 in 1 and more

Price: $14.98 - $12.96
(as of Feb 12,2022 11:35:09 UTC – Details)

Gadget Description:

Durable and Made To Last
The amazing Wallet Ninja Credit Card Multitool is made with 4x heat treated steel. And it is guaranteed strong. Wallet Ninja pro is tough enough to not bend break or rust, yet lightweight and easy to carry in your wallet or pocket.

Approved To Carry on Flights
It is shorter than 4 inches and no actual sharp edges. Wallet Ninja Multi Tool is made in USA and also TSA-Friendly in the USA.

Tactical Survival Tool
It would be considered as your must-have multitool, perfect for disaster preparedness, emergency packs, and survival kits. It is also going to be a great gift for mechanics, handyman, carpenters, beer lovers, hunters, boaters, campers, bikers, hikers, contractors and all husbands, fathers, grandpas & sons.

Perfect Stocking Stuffer for Men
Wallet Ninja Credit Card Multi Tool is the best gift to have or give for men that have everything. It would be your dad gifts, birthday gifts for men and women, wedding groomsmen gifts, husband gifts, Xmas stocking stuffers or holiday gift ideas. And also amazing gift idea for men, women and teens!

Wallet Ninja Description

Wallet Ninja Description

Why We Like Wallet Ninja Multi Tool?

This useful gadget the Wallet Ninja Multitool is your everyday tool that easily fits in your pocket or wallet.Wallet Ninja Baby Blue Purple White

Wallet Ninja Baby Blue Purple White

A multi-functional tool that functions as a,

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Box Opener
  3. Bottle Opener
  4. Can Opener
  5. Cellphone Stand
  6. Eyeglass Screwdriver
  7. Beer Opener
  8. Fruit Peeler
  9. Hex Wrench
  10. Nail Puller


Does it have a Phillips screwdriver and How does it compare to the Pocket Monkey?

No Phillips as it’s essentially a metal credit card. Husband says although he’s never held or seen Pocket Money in person he thinks it’s nearly the same thing and that the Monkey doesn’t have a Phillips either as it is also flat. Guess it depends on if you like monkeys or ninjas better. Hope that helps.

How heavy this “card” is? Is it much heavier than a credit card? Does it weight your wallet down?

The Wallet Ninja is 1.6 oz.

Your commercial says, this gadget will includes a “Ninja Light”. But I don’t see it in the description above. Is it included?

When purchased via the TV commercial, the Ninja Light is only included.

Special Attention!

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