Zurn Sensor Faucet – Best Kitchen Faucet that Every Home Needs

Zurn Sensor Faucet is one of the Best Home Gadgets for upgrading kitchen and bathroom efficiency and improves sanitation and water efficiency as well.

Zurn Sensor Faucet – Best Kitchen Faucet that Every Home Needs

Price: $421.96
(as of Feb 12,2022 11:06:13 UTC – Details)

Gadget Description:

Here the Zurn’s Smart Z6915-XL-W2 is a 4″ Center-set. Zurn Sensor Faucet is deck mounted sensor faucet with a wireless monitoring feature. This touchless and commercial battery-operated faucet provides product trends, insights, and alerts on faucet usage count, water consumption, and preventative maintenance for you. It helps you receive real-time relief alerts and data trends 24/7 by the help of secure web portal.
You can opt into email alerts and be immediately notified of critical information if something goes wrong. Zurn Sensor Faucet is ideal for use in high traffic restrooms in new or retrofit applications.

Why We Like Zurn Sensor Faucet?

  • To improve restroom uptime and cleanliness, monitor restroom performance wirelessly.
  • About durability, heavy-duty brass with a highly polished chrome-plated finish provides long-term durability.
  • It’s customizable alert parameters for water consumption, usage, and preventative maintenance feature.
  • To monitor the effective hygiene programs, handwashing score tracks flush-to-wash ratio.
  • The Battery power allows very quick and easy installation.
  • Low flow aerator options, water-efficient, and a 30-second timeout feature saves water and money as well.
  • In terms of saving water Infrared convergence-type proximity sensor precisely detects users reducing water waste.
  • Battery-powered endpoint, lithium batteries included, 4 “AA” long-life and standard as well.

What are the Benefits of Zurn Sensor Faucet?

  1. Easily you can upgrade your bathroom efficiency.
  2. It is ideal for commercial settings, ex: Airport, School, Office.
  3. Improves sanitation.
  4. Also it will improve your water efficiency.


Is this faucet only, or does this come with the battery component?

It came with everything needed. Faucet, Battery component and all needed hardware.

Does this have a long shank?

6.75 inches is the length of the spout/shank.

Where is it made?

It is made in USA.

Does this faucet come with in-line filters and mixing tee?

It comes with an in line filter but the mixing valve is optional.

Special Attention!

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